Do you need proofreading and proofreading for your bachelor thesis, doctoral thesis, master thesis or dissertation? What are the usual proofreading prices per page?

Many students in US are trying to proofread a professional. While it should not be impossible to have a ghostwriter proofread your scientific work. It is quite affordable for us to proofread any text.

Lectorate costs

Now we come to the essential topic – proofreading prices and proofreading costs. If your work is proofread, what price should be expected? It’s not expensive to buy proofreading and proofreading. You will not find such a favorable copy-editing as here with us. We also offer proofreading in English. Many customers have had very positive experiences with us. No matter where you live – in a big city like New York or a smaller one – we’ll do an excellent job of proofreading or creating for you.

Why should you choose us? The 5 most important reasons

Working in the scientific writing industry, where there is fierce competition, the company must win customers by being truly outstanding. We have found a way to help us gain the loyalty and trust of the students.

No, we do not resort to sophisticated marketing tricks. Everything is easy. We meet the needs of each client, work openly and constantly improve our skills and knowledge. It leads to always brilliant results and hundreds of references from grateful students.

We always tell the truth

“Why should I trust you?” Asks the customer. And we are not offended by such words, as there are many fraudsters around. But we are not like this and we are ready to prove it in practice. These are rock solid guarantees that every customer gets for our service as soon as he / she orders us:

Top quality. We are always result-oriented and are not satisfied with just “good”. Our experts follow the customer’s instructions very carefully to deliver a first-class paper.

100% authentic papers. We are never engaged in any kind of plagiarism. Any paper you order from our company will be rewritten from scratch and will be thoroughly inspected to ensure 100% originality. In addition, you can always use a two-week free revision.

Timely delivery. We create all deadlines. So your order will be delivered on time.

Complete confidentiality. With respect for the privacy of our customers, we do not disclose personal information about the order

Back guarantee. Our company is willing to admit mistakes if necessary and reimburses the costs partly or completely.

Top quality at acceptable cost

We are always looking forward to your sincere thanks. In return, our company offers you generous discounts and numerous useful programs besides the good price for all our services. Believe in the solution of every academic challenge. Make it safe with us.

Basic guarantees that you get the most out of our service

Promises do not guarantee a satisfactory result of using a custom writing service. Acts are more important than words. Therefore, we prefer to secure guarantees instead of “will do”. Here is the list of warranties of our customers.

High quality

Nothing is more important than a correct paper, right? We are pleased to inform that 98% of our customers are satisfied with the results, and they are very demanding! Do you need a well-researched paper in full compliance with your requirements and appropriate style? Then order it from us. We guarantee excellent quality of every paper without exceptions.

Timely delivery

Even the best paper is worthless if it is delivered too late. Deadlines play a big role, and more and more in custom paperwork. Therefore, we are ready to guarantee timely delivery and are absolutely merciless to writers who do not meet deadlines. The tiny 2 percent of orders that are delayed are emergencies and force majeure.


Do you want someone to know about your use of a writing service? Of course, we believe that you want to keep that to yourself. For this reason, we do not require personal information from you, just the information needed to process your order and get the payment. Also, we do not enter any personal information in our database. This means that the author does not know whom he is writing for.

We also ensure that our clients are not exposed to financial risks. That’s why we use cutting-edge technology that prevents all kinds of information leaks.

24/7 support center

Do you have a question about the order? Do you want to make changes? Do you want to chat? Then please contact our 24/7 support center. No, really – call, if you want. You may also send an e-mail or chat. Do not hesitate to discuss the details. We work for our customers and are available 24/7.

Our warranties are our starting point, no matter when you order. Other services offer more, but we think the quantity affects the quality. It’s better to have some stable guarantees than to promise 20, none of which is actually true. Not true?

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