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You’ve already realized that finding an academic ghostwriting agency or ghost writer in US is not so easy anymore. No matter whether you study at a university in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco or Chicago – some subjects or the requirements of some professors at the university are so difficult and high that a student neither knows nor knows.

You must write a dissertation, homework, bachelor thesis, master thesis, or diploma thesis or something like that. They want to know if our ghostwriters are cheap. The cost of ghostwriting is always an option if you are looking for a ghostwriter.

It is not difficult to write a scientific paper and come across a ghostwriter agency with a good reputation. You are exactly right with us. Our academic ghostwriting prices are reasonable. We offer one of the best ratios between price and quality. You know what you spend your money on and exactly what you get when you buy a job.

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What are the academic ghostwriters prices per page? Actually, you vary between 10 and 30 euros, depending on the subject and deadline. Here you will find a ghostwriter who will do the work for you just as you expected.

What advantages do we offer?

  • Short waiting times
  • Experienced ghostwriters
  • Cheap prices
  • 24/7 care and much more
  • Tips and tricks for writing

Now a bit about the technical aspects of writing. How should you design a scientific paper based on patterns? And why is the design of a scientific work so important? Why does he have to be designed according to a specific pattern?

The best pattern of a work

The scientific work is an essential part of your studies. It is as important as the letter of application and letter of motivation, maybe even more. Now let’s give you some tips on how to write a paper and pattern based on scientific work, because we know you want to create a work and look for attractive patterns and templates.

A good pattern of a scientific paper serves to prove your competences. The professor has to be convinced.

We tell you what information is part of a scientific paper, its correct order and formatting to convince faculty at the university.

Unrelevant information is not part of the scientific work. It must not contain false information. A bad example would be to say that you did a long internship, if it was shorter in reality, or you did an experiment, but that did not happen.

We advise you to list only correct data and actual experience, knowledge and abilities. If the professor somehow finds out that you lied, it will work against your work.


Formatting is an important part of all work. Excel conditional formatting, for example, has a certain purpose and many great possibilities.

What is the purpose of Excel conditional formatting and what are its benefits?

The purpose and purpose of conditional formatting is to emphasize numbers with a certain condition. You can show sales figures or have the most important data of a table recognized immediately. You already know that number formats can be combined with one condition. One reaches the commands of Excel conditional formatting over the button Conditional formatting. Based on this one can ascribe the cells of a worksheet, thereby controlling the formatting of the cells. In Excel 2007, it is also possible to specify multiple rules for a cell.

We should also mention conditional formatting in Excel 2010. Conditional formatting in Excel 2010 provides an alternative method of conditional formatting with its own rules. Excel 2010 makes it easier to customize the view of cells. You can invoke prefixed rules by using the first five commands. It’s about rules that are almost adapted.

When it comes to copying Excel-related formatting to other cells, the matter is not particularly complicated either. You can transfer the conditional format to new or different data if you want to copy conditional formatting. You must click the cell in Excel with conditional formatting. Then click on Start, Transfer format. That way, you can also insert specific data.

Excel conditional formatting creates the ability to quickly display important information on a worksheet. However, there are situations where integrated formatting rules are not enough. In such a case, you should add your own formula to a conditional formatting rule. In this way, you can exceed the limits of the fixed rules.

What is the correct formatting of a letter? A letter can be easily formatted in Word. You create a perfectly designed letter almost effortlessly. Five things to remember about letter formatting: specify page margins and text box in Word, insert letterhead, design address field in Word, position subject line and letter content, and place the folding marks correctly. Word formatting seems very difficult at the moment, but it is not. Soon you will see that writing an official letter is not a complicated matter.

Normally, the DIN 5800 standard is adhered to when it comes to something written. Otherwise, the letter in the envelope with the address window does not fit. First, you need to define the margins of your Word letter. For the left margin, select a 2.41 centimeter gap, and set the top margin to 9.5 centimeters so that your text box is just below the address field. Then choose Custom Page Borders. The top edge is 9.5 cm and the left side is 2.41 cm.

Then come to the letterhead. This should be edited in Word 2007 via Insert, Header. The letterhead contains your name and address. Insert this data. You may also include the name of the company. Then add the address field. It should be 4.0 inches high and 8.5 inches wide. Select “Simple text box” in the menu, highlight it and select Text box formatting. In the menu choose “no color” and the item “left”. Then click on the More button. The horizontal orientation should be 0 cm. In the vertical, the number 5.08 cm should be entered below the upper side. Close the window. Enter in the Size tab the height of 4.0 cm and width 8.5 cm.

The next step is to change the subject line. It briefly presents the content of the letter, such as “Your letter of March 17, 2015”. This is followed by two blank lines and then the salutation line. There is still a blank line between the text and the salutation.

It is important to place the fold marks correctly, otherwise the letter will not fit in a DIN C5 or C6 envelope. You should hide the marker in the footer.

When writing a bachelor thesis, the following is recommended in formatting: set the text in 12 points and the footnotes in 10 points. The line spacing of the footnotes is 1 and 1.5 for the body text.

The correct application formatting consists of: cover page, cover letter, resume and credentials. The curriculum vitae should be one DIN A4 page long and anti-chronological. The whole application should be marked by a uniform design.

I hope I have been useful with this information and have convinced you to engage us with your scientific work or something else.

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